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Course rankings are determined by a small panel of local golf enthusiasts and golf industry insiders. The audience of PhillyGolfGuide.com also has a voice and we would like to hear your input!

Rankings will be updated throughout the season based on user feedback and an ongoing discussion of each course’s merits.

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  • Kevin says:

    Since you solicited feedback as part of the introduction /top of the rankings, I will humbly provide my thoughts:

    – Broad Run is way too low in my opinion. I would put it in the top 5-7 (easy)
    – Downingtown is perpetually the most overrated public course in the area. I would have many of the courses on listed lower on your list a head of downingtown including (Wyncote, Bella Vista, Honeybrook, Broad Run, Makefield Highlands, White Clay Creek)
    – If including NJ courses I would include Woodcrest in the top 20 & potentially Riverwinds would make the top 20 (at least over Paxon Hollow & JC Melrose)
    – Paxon Hollow pace of play is some of the worst for public in the area and the course length/difficulty probably belongs lower on the list

    *Disclaimer – I have not played the following courses on your list: Lederach, Northampton Valley CC, Hickory Valley GC

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